Camron and I decided to honeymoon in the same place we came when I first moved to America last February. It was a dream then and it was a joy beyond our wildest dreams now. It feels like a lifetime ago that Camron and I met, and to write down God’s faithfulness to us since then would take every drop of ink on the planet.

Most people were either surprised or impressed when they asked where we were going for our honeymoon. Even though we didn’t stay at an all inclusive resort and had to carry bear spray with us at all times, we would rather run around on glaciers, swim in emerald green water, and stare at gigantic mountains. This place absolutely CAPTURED our hearts last year – we have never felt a greater quietness and stillness then when we are here in Cordova, Alaska. So yes, we’re honeymooning in an isolated, bear-infested, freezing cold place, and we’re SO IN LOVE ?

I literally never wanted our honeymoon to end. But I’ve been thinking a lot about it – the reality that honeymoon’s are meant to end. Because we are finite, we can’t sustain a honeymoon level of intensity and affection our whole lives. But God can – when He says “I will REJOICE over you as a groom rejoices over His bride,” He means forever. He means that His honeymoon with us never ends – our relationship with Him is ever increasing with creativity and intimacy and joy “so that there will be no boredom for the next trillion ages of millenniums” John Piper on Isaiah 62:5

Here is a tiny glimpse into the unparalleled beauty that is Cordova, Alaska.






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