30 unique couples, 3 separate locations, 2 surprise proposals, 1 photographer,
and a million different lighting situations.

When I posted on my Instagram that I was offering $120 mini shoots in Sydney before I left for the US, I never expected it turn into one of the craziest, most rewarding things I’ve ever done as a photographer.

I received over 50 immediate responses and ended up booking in 30 couples (+ 10 portraits and family shoots). For the couples, I offered 30 minutes and promised 30 photos, and gave them a choice out of three locations (Centennial Park, Bundeena Cliffs, and Flat Rock in the Blue Mountains).

I know a lot of couples who don’t get photos taken because they can’t afford it. I get it – I totally understand what it’s like to be on a budget! But the value of these photos only increases over time, and will be worth more than anything money can buy when you’re old and grey! So I LOVED offering these shoots for such a low price, as it gave so many people the opportunity they would not have otherwise had.

I am so thankful for all my couples and for the joy and encouragement they brought me. I seriously have made friends for life through doing this!! I’m definitely going to do it again in the US and when I visit Australia. Economically it wasn’t super great for my business (a TON of work and not much profit) BUT I’m so glad I tried it out and I’ve learnt SO much for the future!

It was also incredible for me as a photographer because I said YES to every couple I could fit. I didn’t choose them based on their age, what they looked like, whether I thought they would be fun – no preconceived judgments got in the way of meeting and shooting these beautiful people and I am so thankful for it.

Here’s one of each of my gorgeous couples, and a few extra thrown in because I couldn’t help it! If you make it to the end you can see the SURPRISE PROPOSALS!

Surprise proposal’s are my absolute favourite. The first proposal was a surprise to ME (hence why I was so close!) – he just brought out the ring and surprised her! It was unbelievably special and unique to them.

When Matt proposed to Amanda he shot me an email an hour before and I’m SO glad I saw it – I waited until the right moment to give them the prompt I’d discussed with Matt beforehand. ‘You’re going to make three promises to each other for the next year. One at a time, back and forth. Start the sentence with, ‘I promise to.” She went first and on his last one he said, ‘I promise that you won’t be my girlfriend anymore but my fiance,’ and got down on one knee (she lost it!).


30 Couples for 30 Minutes – one of the craziest thing I’ve done as a photographer





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