Lyndell had no idea that after our shoot was over Simon was going to take her to a park full of fairy lights, family and friends so he could ask her to be his wife.

Shooting them was nothing short of wonderful – their love for each other was so beautiful. They are adventurously expectant and full of contagious joy (her laugh is my favourite thing).

We found refuge from the sun in a Cactus Glasshouse, and I asked her to tell him a moment she was most proud of him, then asked him to tell her a moment he found her to be most beautiful. They stayed like that for ages, close and whispering, and it was in that moment I was reminded that we don’t shoot to just take pretty photos. We shoot to give windows back into real moments of intimacy, vulnerability, wild joy and true emotion.

I know these photos will be windows back into what is now one of the most special days of their entire relationship.

So thankful for my handsome soon to be husband Camron for his creativity and the way he makes shoots SO fun for everyone. Can’t wait for the little video he’s making of this shoot!


Lyndell + Simon right before they got ENGAGED!





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