This is the story of how an American boy proposed to an Australian girl in the Washington snow (at -10 degrees celsius).

With only three days until Camron and I were getting on a plane to come to Sydney for a couple of months, I didn’t expect to find any time to go on one last snow adventure before we hit the blazing Sydney summer. But I had products I needed to shoot, and some of our closest friends were free, so we headed out to Snoqualmie Pass towards Franklin Falls and began the 3 mile trek to get to the frozen waterfalls.

The views on the way were crazy. I couldn’t get over the mountains, thick with snow-covered pines. I was so aware of the beauty of it all, treasuring it up in my heart because I knew I wouldn’t see it again like this for another year. Time was slow.

We ended up veering off the trail and wading through 2-3 feet of snow to reach the most beautiful frozen river. Everything was magical. I still think the snow looks just like cake frosting on all the rocks. 22 degrees fahrenheit felt like frozen holiness – we could see our breath. Camron and I made our way to the rivers edge and Ashley took some photos of us. It’s very normal to be photographed, but I always get awkward and nervous. Camron is always very sweet with me, drawing me in with his words so that I’m focused on him instead of the camera/s. This, I thought, was no different.

“Remember when I first told you that I want to know you? The moment that was so weighty and holy? Do you remember it? I want to know you, all of you, forever.”

Being asked to be someone’s wife is nothing like what it looks like in photos or what you think it’ll be. His eyes, his voice, inviting me into a lifetime of being loved, of experiencing Jesus through him, of experiencing the best picture we have of what God is like… just wow. Camron loves me with an overflow of Jesus’ unconditional love, and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with him. It was the easiest Yes of my life.

We celebrated that night at a small party Camron had organized with amazing people. We drank incredible wine and crazy good food and laughed until 3am. I absolutely loved when Ashley gave us all the photos a few days later – it is absolutely stunning to me that we have photographs forever of that moment that began forever.

Thank you so much Ashley and Joel Kesler for these amazing photos – we love you both!

athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-27athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-snow athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-snoqualmie-pass athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-5 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-6 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-7 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-8 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-snoqualmie-engagement-moment athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-12 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-13 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-14 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-15 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-16 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-crying athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-19 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-laughingathena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-24 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-25 athena-grace-seattle-surprise-proposal-26


athena-grace-sydney-wedding-photographer-paisley-cj-5 copy


Our Seattle surprise proposal in the snow!




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