A thousand days wouldn’t suffice to experience fully all that begun in that short, stunning summer week I spent here.

Looking through these images calls to mind the familiar smell of well-roasted coffee, the creamy delight of Salt and Straw Ice-cream, the
captivating hue of golden rays on golden eyes that lit up an infinity of colour.

I hadn’t intended to go to Oregon – I was due to come home after four weeks, and Oregon led me into my seventh week away. I couldn’t
get enough of all there was to see and taste and experience, and I’m longing so deeply to go back. I miss the community, the creativity,
the culture of the city and the smell of Oregon air rushing through car windows at 1am with the song of Abba in the wind.

Every photo not taken by me was taken by Camron of me. I met him at Socality Live in San Diego and he graciously brought me into his
community and gave me a place of rest before I went home. Thank you for showing me more of Jesus and reminding me to be a woman of
understanding who rests in the progression of grace.

Recommended coffee:
Salem: Archive Coffee and Bar | Portland: Good Coffee, Coava, Dapper & Wise

Rug: Sackcloth and Ashes | All images shot on the Fujifilm X-T1

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